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With all the changes to social media this year what will 2020 look like?
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With all the changes to social media this year what will 2020 look like?

Every year social media changes in a big way and this year was no different. It’s difficult to choose one main change in 2019 because there were so many updates and controversies within social media.

Although it is nearly impossible to predict the changes to come to social media in 2020, this is our list of what we think will be the main differences in 2020.

Facebook will not allow political ads

With Twitter’s move to already ban political ads it seems likely that Facebook will follow. However, saying this in 2019 Facebook seemed adamant that they would not conform with the likes of Twitter and Google to try and fight the battle against misinformation. Instead, their answer is to be more transparent with the way they allow companies and organizations to run their ads. Facebook has also come under scrutiny over them refusing to fact check political ads allowing politicians to lie and misguide the general public.

The reason it seems Facebook refuse to sort out political ads under control is because it makes them huge amounts of money. It was reported that when Theresa May called for a snap election the switch from traditional marketing to digital marketing began, for the first time in 15 years spending on leaflets declined and of course spending on digital marketing shot up.

Although it is unlikely that Facebook will completely ban political ads it is likely that the way in which they are ran will change as well as how they are monitored.

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Augmented reality will become more of a focus

implementing it. In 2019 Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok have all shown how popular it is with their filters and characters. The same must be said with Facebook who launched their de-ageing filter which has now been downloaded by over 80 million people. In 2020 we expect further developments with AR especially by the major platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

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The Tik Tok takeover

In 2019 Tik Tok has blown up in a way that hasn’t been done before. They made people feel like they were missing out by plastering ads on other social media platforms which then in turn convinced millions of people to download the app. Due to this rapid success of this app, it is extremely likely that it will continue to grow in 2020 not just as a fun app but also as a marketing tool. It is already increasing its advertising options within the app which only suggests that it will continue to do so further into 2020 with big companies jumping on board the new method to reach customers.

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Online tracking will be even more important

In 2019 companies have taken massive steps into tracking what people do online in order to target them more effectively. I’m sure you have been online searching for a product and then next time you are on social media that is all you see. There have even been claims that people haven’t even had to search an item but by just talking about it they then get ads for items that they were considering buying. This suggests in 2020 more of our privacy will be invaded in order to target us to get to buy more.

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Metrics on social media will be a thing of the past

There have already been movements to get rid of likes on Instagram and it is likely that other platforms will soon follow. The reasoning for this is that they believe it is causing mental health problems among young people who see likes as validation.  So, it is likely there will be some big changes to this part of social media in 2020 with more research being conducted and a suitable alternative put in place

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