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Website Development

Having an online presence is essential in this day and age, without it customers won’t be able to find you. That’s why at WP Design Digital we ensure we stay up to date with all the changes that are always happening online.
All our developers use HTML5 and CSS3 and are experts in SEO this ensures that all our sites are created with maximum visibility in mind. By utilizing the power of WordPress, it allows us to create mobile friendly websites that also rank high. We create our websites for clients in a way that is easy to edit and understand so that once it is complete the client is easily able to go on and make regular changes when they need without having to contact us for every minor change.

Website Design

Here at WP Design Digital we believe that web design doesn’t just encompass how a website looks, it’s so much more than that. We believe it’s about how a website runs and reacts with each part of the website. We try to get in the mind of the customer to try and think how they would. Allowing us to great the perfect user experience from when they enter the home page to contacting you about their needs. We also look at all the psychological patterns that customers have, which colours make customers feel certain way, or what layout gives customers a feel of trust. Then by using WordPress it allows us and the client to easily make changes when needed to maximise the effect on customers.
The way in which we go about web design starts out with a discussion with the client, where the aim is to understand what is trying to be portrayed on the website. Then we move on to understanding the target audience, this helps us tailor the website to a specific target market to increase conversions. Then we create a mock-up of the website to get an idea of what it will look like, at this stage feedback is paramount and will help shape the rest of the design, before the final version is ready.


Visual aids are a massive part of a website and can ultimately maintain or turn away a potential customer from a website. That’s why we take extreme care in choosing the right images to go on your website. We start of by assessing your current bank of images and seeing if any are suitable. If they are and all bases are covered then we will progress with them.
However, if there are some gaps that need to be filled, we are happy to work alongside your photographer to get the perfect pictures needed to entice customers. Don’t worry if you don’t have a photographer, we work with a few specially selected freelance photographers that would be more than happy to help.

Mobile Websites

Here at WP Design Digital we think that having a mobile website is extremely important because of how much people use mobile devices and this will only continue to grow over time with the advances in the capabilities of them. We are able to build bespoke mobile websites that not only are mobile friendly but also perform like an app, this is great for on the go visitors.
We believe that mobile websites are in fact better than having an app. Apps are not only expensive but take up precious storage on users’ devices. They also work on all devices without the need of different versions for different devices. Another big advantage is that they don’t need regular updates like apps they can be updated immediately and at any time without the user even realizing.

Branding and Identity

Branding is a big deal in business and that’s why we always assess our clients branding and identity before we get started with anything. Branding and identity are the groundwork of any good business that’s why we have an experienced in-house branding team who are able to help with everything to do with branding and identity.


A website is only as good as its content that’s why we ensure that all aspects of our websites work in unison. We work with freelance copywriters and editors to make sure each website has engaging copy that customers can relate with. We always assess client’s current copy if they have it and suggest areas that could be improved.

Video Production

As I’m sure you’ve heard “content is king” which describes the importance of context marketing and while content is effective for most audiences visual marketing is far more powerful. Forrester Research takes the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” one step further by adding that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.
We work with a team of videographers that can create engaging videos that can then be used on your website. Research shows that adding a video to a landing page can increase conversions by 80%. That’s why here at WP Design Digital we are pushing our clients to move towards the video marketing to boost their business.


Whatever your E-commerce needs are we can help. Whether that be creating a new store to enable customers to buy products or you need help analysing your customers behaviour we are here to help. We have experience with several different platforms including WooCommerce, Prestashop and Magento.
Using different reporting tools like Google Analytics we are able to easily monitor the behaviour of your customers and help build your site or store to cater to that. We can work closely with you to optimize your business and help you reach your targets.

Social Media

Social media is becoming a huge part of everyone’s life and its now not only a place to keep in touch with friends and for leisure it is now becoming a place to buy and sell. Social media is now becoming a great place for business to market to potential customers because of its massive userbase. Over 65% of the UK’s population is on social media and the average person spends 142 minutes a day on it. This makes for a great place to show the world what your business can do.
That’s why at WP Design Digital we work closely with our clients to get them set up on multiple social media platforms and get them making the most of this massive opportunity. We not only help clients get set up we can also manage their pages posting content, answering questions and connecting with customers. Not only can we help with setting up accounts, but we can also set up and run paid campaigns on social media.

Search Engine Optimisation

In today’s competitive market SEO has never been so important. More than 65% of search engine users are more likely to click on the top 5 suggested pages. That’s why here at WP Design Digital we have a specialist team to help get ranked on Google and other search engines. SEO isn’t just about getting higher up the list on search engines it also improves the users experience. It also gives users trust in a website if it is higher up their search list.